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A 2 Z Efficiencies Unleashed

The Overview
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The problem
The Waste
The Green Generator
Why Water Burns
Supporting Information
The Science
The Overview
This web site is the result of an original design and invention, then development and preliminary testing of a system to eliminate the release of acid rain producing GHG air pollution from hydro-carbon fuel combustion in internal combustion engines, and home heating systems . Through recently discovered improvements in combustion chemistry with the involvement of water, resulting in a large decrease in fuel consumption.

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Site map


Page 1 "The Problem” is the preliminary address that lays out some of the circumstances we currently face and a glimpse of things to come, while on;


Page 2 "The Waste" explains how we have been wasting energy by utilizing only half or less of the total energy contained in any engine fuel. And on;


Page 3 "Comparing heating systems" compares a current oil fired boiler and a diesel generator in effective energy conversion. Bringing us to;


Page 4 "Generating Heat" which explains how a changed application in fuel combustion could reduce fuel consumption and result in huge increases in fuel efficiency. Whereas on;


Page 5 “The Green Generator” explains a combination incorporating the best features of Internal Combustion fuel Efficiency, where the principle of “Water disassociation” under extreme temperature and pressure is capitalized on. Then on to;


Page 6 “When Water will burn” which is a laymans' explaination of this, the chemistry in combustion under the stresses of internal combustion engine conditions with the resulting increased energy release. And concluding with;


Page 7 “Supporting Information” which highlights the results  that the Kyushu University in Japan found on using ‘water in combustion’ in a water/fuel emulsion using Bunker Fuel Oil and water to improve combustion on an industrial engine. 


(For the whole report click here for the pdf download) 


The sequential pictures taken of the combustion for comparison and the resulting air pollution reduction is very conclusive. (Agreeing with my expectations and test results, from incorporating water in the combustion chemistry here as well).




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